Spring Field Days

RAIN conducts two field days every September in conjunction with local catchment groups. These Field Days aim to share agricultural findings from local growers, agribusiness supliers and researchers. Growers will engage in trials throughout the year - experimenting with different crops, treatments and timings in small to large scale plots.

These Field Days aim to promote best management practices and innovation for farming. They will vary in location - often include a tour on a bus and will provide a forum for guest speakers to promote new varieties and product use. Specialists can discuss their views and promote their research and products.

This year’s events were based at Jerdacuttup and West River and had some 100+ attendees combined. Each day finished with a sundowner and BBQ in a relaxed social forum.

The Jerdacuttup Field Day was held on September 13th 2011 in conjunction with the Jerdacuttup Top Crop & Pasture Group. The Field Day covered the following:

  • SEPWA Canola Trial
  • Canola Varieties with Pioneer Seeds
  • GRDC – Agronomy Jigsaw Project with DAFWA’s David Hall – Soil water holding capacities
  • Landmark’s Herbicide Trial
  • SEPWA Barley & Wheat Trial
  • CSBP – Nitrogen and Potassium on Canola
  • GRDC’s Western Panel
  • SEPWA Canola & Wheat Trials

The RAIN Field Day was held September 20th, centred on the West River area and included the following:

  • SEPWA Barley Trials
  • NPK Rich Strips – Summit Fertilisers
  • National Variety Wheat Trials (NVT’s)
  • SEPWA Wheat Trials
  • SEPWA Canola Trials
  • Canola SU Damage – Pioneer Seeds
  • Landmark Fungicide Trials
  • Precision Agriculture & Soils – Landlogic
  • Industry Updates – Grains, Seed and Hay Industry Funding Scheme
  • SEPWA – Exporting Grain in Containers

RAIN is constantly keeping an ear out for new exciting trials to incorporate in their Field Days. If you have any information or would like to be involved please contact usrainoffice@westnet.com.au or 08 9838 1018.